Our mobile vehicle production started in 1992 is approaching 40 years. During this time, we have brought many innovations to the world. Our factory located in Turkey, all over the world, in the fastest time and the most economical prices, special production commercial vehicles are manufactured.

Our job is just special production trailers and bus projects. We serve your endless dreams about special manufacturing and special design tools.  We offer you all kinds of manufacturing from vehicles for mobile health , military, education etc.to luxury caravan and bus projects. Please contact us. www.projeyapim.com  info@projeyapim.com +90.542.676 22 22


1 Mobile Dormitory

2 Mobile Kitchens trailers

3 Mobile mosque truck trailer

4  build vehicles and trailers

5 mobile exhibit

6 Mobile Office trailers

7 Mobile field hotel

8 food trailer

9 Mobile hostel

10 Promotional Trucks

11.Mobile barrack

12 Mobile meeting room

13 Exhibition vehicle for event marketing solutions

14 double expandable Truck trailers

15 Mobile food military trailer

16 Double Expandable Trailers & Trucks

17 luxury Mobile Office design

18 Mobile meeting room Systems

19 mobile cooking

20 double expandable meeting truck trailer

21 Mobile showroom exhibit trailers

22 mobile meeting truck trailer

23 Campervan Luxury trailer camper

24 Luxury expanding truck trailer

25 Luxury expanding home trailer

26 Luxury Design custom trailer manufacture

27 Custom build mobile trailer

28 mobile dentist clinic trailers

29 mobile flight trailer

30 flight simulator truck trailer

31  bus meeting

32 bus modification

33 bus outpatient

34 bus technology

35 command bus

36 command center bus

37 container hospital

38 container village

39 Custom made Mobile organization Trailer

40 custom produce truck trailer

41 education truck trailer

42 expanding mobile trailer from side to side

43 first aid containers  vehicles

44 foundation mobile training trucks

45 health clinic bus

46 help organization mobile trailer

47 hospitaly mobile truck trailer

48 laboratory mobile van toll

49 Luxury container

50 manufacture of special purpose bus

51 Manufacturing Oven trailer

52 Ministry mobile truck trailer

53 mobile ATM truck

54 mobile bakehouse

55 mobile bakery truck trailer

56 mobile bank ATM truck trailer

57 mobile blood truck trailer

58 mobile branch bus

59 mobile clinic doctor office

60 mobile clinic trailer

61 mobile clinic van

62 mobile cooker trucks

63 mobile doctor's office trailer

64 mobile emergency aid mobile truck trailer

65 mobile emergency truck trailer

66 mobile gynaecology and Obstetrics unit mobile truck trailer

67 mobile hospital complex mobile truck trailer

68 mobile hospital trailers

69 mobile laboratuary

70 mobile Military Oven

71 mobile army field trailers

72 mobile mosque

73 mobile office bus

74 mobile operating room and X-ray unit mobile truck trailer

75 Mobile restroom trailers

76 Mobile restroom, lavatory, washroom

77 mobile surgery operation trailer

78 mobile toilet WC

79 Oven containers

80 Oven semi trailer

81 promotional bus

82 Promotional Container

83 rally truck trailer

84 science bus

85 showroom bus

86 special container design

87 special order bus

88 special purpose mobile trailer plan

89 store bus

90 Luxury bus built

91 Luxury bus manufacture

92 Luxury living bus

93 Marketing trailer

94 Store trailer

95 Expandable army trailer

96 Mobile army barrack

97 Mobile training trailer

98 Mobile life complex

99 Mobile press trailer

100 Mobile school

101 Mobile education

102 Mobile command center